Need any help? I can help you with something that I Iove the most!

I can offer you Illustration services in digital (Photoshop) or even in traditional media (Oil paintings, gouache, pen and ink). When working with client I always strive for pronouncing the idea correctly based on all provided materials (story of the book, character traits etc.). I submit rough sketches and walk you through composition, after that I refine the picked sketch and do a revision again, after refinements I proceed to gather references and to complete a piece. Please take a few moments to review my portfolio to see what kind of work I can offer.


Illustrations for book covers, fantasy illustration, whole book, album covers, audiobooks atc. If you like my style and you would dig to have your visual like that don't hesitate to contact me.

Comic books

Penciling, ink and complete imagery for comic book, splash pages in colour. Prices would vary based on degree of realism in each individual project. Normally I work for a price per complete page.


Beside all the things mentioned I love portraiture! I do portraits as commissions for overseas clients. For examples and prices visit my section portraits:

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