Art tip 10-APR-2020

Do not be bothered by the Czech narrative of this video which in short describes how it is important to practice observational drawing. If you are short of live model (maybe caused by this unfortunate COVID situation) the same benefit can be obtained using just your another hand 🙂 Hold it in front of you and try to replicate the effect of light on “this thing”. I say this on purpose because it is useful to forget about what we know about the subject in order to avoid symbolism. If we just focus on what it is in front of us (in other words what it looks like) we are more apt to have a better results. By drawing from life we teach ourselves how to project real 3D object on to the 2D surface and that is the most vital thing about it. If you work purely from photography (which is not necessarily the end of the world) you’re missing on this problem solving to some degree because the camera sort of did that for you….

So turn off the sound/narrative a watch my approach. Give me a shout where you would see some gaps to improve.

Regards, Pete from the Czech Republic

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