My Story

How I got started?!

After studies at University back in Brno, Czech republic, I had spent almost 4 years as a construction manager. At that point the child in me was long gone and I had forgotten what it is to be curious. In a way I had become a task oriented person, employee, victim of the rat race. After those 4 years I did quit my job because I really felt deeply inside of me that something more meaningful was awaiting right behind the corner. I decided to go abroad to learn myself a little English to gain more confidence speaking and I though that the best way to do it is to be exposed to it. So England was the choice. Naturally, it is inherently a stressful experience to be abroad and forced to communicate in a foreign language, so I found my self gradually more and more seeking silence and solitude after a day amongst all of them English speakers. If you are silent for a while you experience boredom and while boredom takes place you will come up with ideas how to deal with it automatically (besides eating ton of food, which is obviously not a healthy way of dealing with things). My brain started to crave the long gone inner child. What was I curious about? What was it that made me stay awake, curious, forgetting about time and troubles? Yes, it was art, mark making.

So I’m grateful for the rest of my life that my abroad experience in West Yorkshire that took over 2 years broad me back to my childhood and now I can live life of an artist that is striving to experience never ending improvement. I’m thirsty to learn about visual languages till the end of my days.